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Why charter a yacht and sail the Eastern Peloponesse?

This area of the Argolic Gulf is ideal for sailing and cruising, especially during the summer months when northwesterly thermal winds dominate. Sailors can expect winds of 3-5 beaufort (around 7 to 20 knots) that begin around noon and cease at sunset. We believe these four destinations in East Peloponnese will make your next sailing vacation really special.

1. Nafplio

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Why visit Nafplio?

Nafplio is one of the most picturesque cities in Greece and boasts a tremendous history. The town is well known for Bourtzi, a small fort built on an island in the harbor that seems to hover magically above water.

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Nafplio’s history is rich and ancient: archaeological findings prove that the city existed since ancient times. According to Greek mythology, Nafplion takes its name from Nauplios, ‘the Navigator’, son of the sea- god Poseidon. The town was  the first capital of the modern Greek state and is well- known for Palamidi, a beautiful Venetian fortress that towers over the city below. It’s really worth setting up a tour of the castle!

The city of Nafplio often plays host to exciting festivals and concerts, so keep an eye on the town’s festival calendar.

The Port of Nafplio and Marina Conditions

The port of Nafplio is large and easy to navigate. There is typically ample space for charter yachts, even in the summer months when other, smaller ports are full. The harbor provides an excellent base from which to explore the town with its many excellent museums, restaurants, bars and other attractions in close proximity.
Shoreside facilities are limited, but there are a few large super markets and mini-markets within walking distance, meaning that Napflio is a good place to provision for the rest of your journey. Water for yachts is available on the dock and someone from the municipality visits each morning to assist with access. Fuel can be found by calling the phone numbers that hang on various signs along the dock.

Nafplio marina

Nearby Attractions and Beaches

There are many beaches near Nafplio. We can recommend Karathonas Beach, Arvanitia Beach, Drepanos Beach, Tolo Beach, Psili Ammos Beach, Vivari Beach, Candia Beach, Agios Nikolaos Beach. Check out your chart as many of these are best reached by sailing boat.

Nearby Anchorages

If you prefer, you can escape the bustle of Nafplio and spend the night at a secret anchorage about five nautical miles south of Nafplio. Tucked inside the horse-shoe shaped island of Tolo, there is a tiny, uninhabited island called Romvi-Daskalio. The island has one small dock that is just right for one, solitary sailing boat, but be sure to keep an eye on your depth as you approach. There is a well-maintained hiking trail on the island that leads to an old church structure at the top. The trip all the way up is well worth it: at the top you can enjoy one of the best views of the entire region!

toloRomvi- Daskalio

2. Astros


Why visit Astros?

If you’re looking for a safe, ample harbor, a beautiful beach and fantastic Greek food, then check out Astros Kynourias, known simply as “Astros.” The town owes its name (which in Greek means star) to the star- shaped hill located on its northern side. The locals call this hill “The Island”. Those who make the short climb up to the top of the hill with its medieval fortress, will be rewarded with a magnificent view of the town and surrounding region.

Nearby Attractions and Beaches

Across from the harbor is a beautiful beach that is bordered by dozens of traditional tavernas. Once you’ve docked for the night, take a short walk over to the beach and enjoy the scenery. In the area around Astros there are countless beaches that stretch along the 10 kilometers of coastline which runs from the harbor to the port of Agios Andreas. The area is known for its white sand and pebble beaches.

Marina Conditions

The harbor is a large, modern marina with excellent amenities where you can moor your monohull or catamaran. There is water and ample shorepower connections. The marina is wide and clean. Shoreside facilities are good and there are several mini-markets in the harbor where you can find fresh, good quality products from the local area. Water for yachts is available on the dock and the water authority visits the marina each morning. Fuel can be found by calling the phone numbers posted on various signs along the dock.



Why visit Tyros?

Tyros takes its name from a local deity that was worshiped in the area in antiquity. Nestled into the gentle sloping mountains of the Peloponnese, Tyros is an authentic destination where Greeks go to enjoy a relaxing vacation with their families. The locals were mainly seamen and fishermen.There are a number of small, traditional hotels along the coast as well as tavernas serving up mouth-watering Greek food. There’s also a long beach and a small theater used for various events in the summer. Near the beach of Tigani on the coast of Tyros-Sapounakeika, you can see the “Cave of the lovers” or “Furnaka”, accessible only by boat.
Fournake, Tyros

Nearby Attractions

Tyros is a beautiful coastal village to include in your sailing itinerary, with beaches, restaurants and cafes. But it is also perched right on the edge of one of the largest National Parks in Greece, The Ecological Park Of Parnonas-Moustos.

Marina Conditions

The Port of Tyros is new and safe, but quite compact. The edges of the marina are shallow and there is a large presence of traditional working fishing boats.

While shoreside facilities are somewhat limited, there is a mini-market about 200 meters away from the harbor where you can find fresh, good quality products from this fertile area as well as some basic supplies. Water for yachts is available on the dock and someone from the municipality visits the marina every morning to assist with access. Fuel can be found by calling the phone numbers that are hanging on various signs or by asking restaurants in the harbor.

4. Leonidion of Laconia (known as “Plaka”)

 plaka, Leonidio

Why visit Plaka?

Leonidio, more commonly known as “Plaka,” was named after the chapel of Saint Leonidas. One of the most striking things about Plaka is the imposing red rock that stands above the small town. Today, the town attracts rock climbers from around the world who come to scale the cliffs. An adventurous activity to add to your yacht charter in Greece, if you are so inclined.

Nearby Attractions and Events

A traditional feast that takes place during the summer months is the eggplant feast. There is a competition to see who can create the best eggplant based dish and competitors come from all over Greece and even from abroad.

In the summer it is not uncommon to find several events taking place along the coast near Plaka, including dances from local dance groups. The beach of Leonidio is the largest in the area, with beach bars and fish taverns along the coastline to cover every need.
Leonidio beach

 Marina Conditions

The picturesque harbor is surrounded by a small seaside settlement and a nice sandy beach. A freshwater stream from the mountain pours into the marina, too. Shoreside facilities are limited, but there are two mini-market at the harbor where you can find fresh, good quality produce from the surrounding area. In addition to wine and other basic supplies, you can find fresh bread brought from the upper city of Leonidio each morning.

Water for yachts is available on the dock. Someone from the municipality comes to the dock every morning and evening to help yachts access water. As in many yachting destinations in Greece, fuel can be found either by calling the phone numbers that are hanging on various signs along the quay or asking the port authorities.