Sailing tips » Avoid Seasickness

So here are some helpful tips to keep you feeling your best while you are on your sailing vacation:

  1. Avoid large meals before getting underway. It’s best to eat a small meal (or a snack of plain food like crackers) before departure so your stomach is settled but not empty.
  2. Stay hydrated but don’t go overboard: avoid drinking excessive amounts of liquid (carbonated drinks and strong coffee can be especially upsetting for the stomach).
  3. Excessive heat can sometimes trigger seasickness. When possible, try to find a shady spot on the yacht where you can rest and feel cooled by the sea breeze. And, always wear a hat.
  4. Strong smells can make you feel ill even if you’re on land. Try to stay clear of coming into contact with the smell of diesel or other fuel.
  5. Having anxious thoughts about seasickness can make matters worse. If you’re worried you’ll get sick, try to kep your mind occupied with games or talk with your friends.
  6. If you rest in your berth below deck while underway, close your eyes and keep your head stationary.
  7. Avoid reading or staring at your phone for too long. Those are two well-known ways to trigger nausea.
  8. Don’t go below deck. Or, if you must go, stay for as short a time as possible and come back above deck and fix your eyes on one point in the horizon.
  9. Just like with car sickness, it often helps if you’re the one doing the driving. If possible, take the helm.

    Those are a few simple steps to take to make sure that you enjoy your charter and experience the best of what the Greek islands have to offer on board a yacht.