Sailing tips

  • Safe anchoring

    Safe anchoring

    12 Tips for dropping and raising your anchor on a Sailing Holiday
    Raising and lowering the anchor can be a stressful experience on a sailboat, even if you’re sailing in paradise. But it doesn’t have to be so hard. Communication between the “anchorman” on the bow and the skipper is the key to making things go smoothly. Read more...

  • Avoid Seasickness

    Avoid Seasickness

    9 Tips to Avoid Seasickness While Sailing
    Feeling sick while sailing in a beautiful place like the Greek islands can be a truly terrible experience, especially when you’re on holiday! Seasickness can strike anyone at any time on any yacht, no matter the size or conditions. Read more...

  • Sailing destinations near Athens

    Sailing destinations near Athens

    4 Spots to visit in Eastern Peloponnese
    Eastern Peloponnese is a beautiful destination for many sailing holidays that begin in Athens given its proximity and astounding natural beauty. Read more...

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