• Athens - From ancient times to modern


    Visit Athens before you sail

    Located only 5km from the Greek Isles Yachting base in Kalamaki Marina, Athens beckons you to discover its unique sights or just lose yourself in some of its picturesque streets, before setting out on your sailing adventure. Read more...

  • Hydra - One of the most romantic destinations in Greece


    Sailing in Heavenly Hydra

    Both bohemian and aristocratic, Hydra is one of the most popular sailing destinations in Greece and its harbour definitely one of the most beautiful in the country. Its lazy atmosphere and relaxed pace is owed partly to the ban of cars and vehicles on the island, where the main means of transportation are boat-taxi, bicycle, pony or on foot. Read more...

  • Spetses - The sea captains' island


    Aristocratic ambience

    Horse-drawn carriages, old mansions with manicured gardens, smart cafès, art stores and boutiques compose a cosmopolitan and classy ambience in this island where luxury and local tradition coexist. With a vivid nightlife, gourmet dining and many hidden gems reflecting its rich history, Spetses has something for everyone. Read more...

  • Mykonos - The Ibiza of Greece


    Star quality

    One of the most beautiful islands in the Cyclades, with postcard quality: white little houses with flowers and blue windows and doors, hand painted streets, a plethora of little churches, stylish restaurants and cafes. Many of the Greek and foreign "jetsetters" either own a house here or visit every single summer, and its nightlife… far too long to describe! One word and one only: eccentricity! Read more...

  • Tinos - Hand-made beauty


    The island of the Virgin Mary

    Hidden behind its religious fame, this island's beauty will take you by surprise. Stroll around its villages, marvel at the ever apparent marble -carving tradition of the island, enjoy its beautiful beaches and you'll understand what made the philosopher Kastoriadis call it "hand-made Tinos" Read more...

  • Greek Microbreweries

    Greek Microbreweries

    Island temperament and exciting flavors
    Unpasteurized, unfiltered, award- winning beers with particular flavors and aromas, brewed on Greek islands Read more...

  • Specialty Museums

    Specialty Museums

    From contemporary art to olive presses and marble crafts
    A few suggestions for those who enjoy combining their sailing vacation with a bit of island culture and local history Read more...

  • Local Festivals

    Local  Festivals

    Unique customs and celebrations

    Events and festivals take place on most islands throughout the summer. Apart from the cultural festivals that include music and theatre performances and are organized mainly between July-September, traditional feasts and unique local celebrations take place on many destinations. Read more...

  • Island Gastronomy

    Island Gastronomy

    Getting a taste of Greece
    In Greece food is a social affair. An excuse for friends and family to get together and chat, drink and jest in good company. Sharing a meal or just a few mezedes (a selection of small dishes) and a couple of drinks is a ritual that brings people together.

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